i took a little spill
i fell pretty far i fear
i fell a few thousand feet
through some planet’s atmosphere
but i landed on my feet, somehow
now i’m assessing the damage done
my body’s banged up, my dear
but each and all of my thoughts are clear as water

i walked an hour or so
without a sign of where i was
and so i walked some more
i found a river there
one thousand feet below
a mountain i was standing tall on
i felt my body go
next thing that i recall was water.

now i’m feeling fine again
and i can do anything

i got your letter, babe
from a passing flock of birds
i liked what you had to say
and i loved the spaces between your words
it’s a delicate editing act
the surgical use of a fine red pen
to say all that you want to with tact
but leave enough out to let the light in
and it’s really a remarkable gift
one i wasn’t blessed in being born with
and sometimes i wonder if
i left too much of the good stuff out.
i left too much of it out.

but that doesn’t matter now
i’m here to love you now
yes, i’m here to love you now
i’m here to love you


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Aisha Burns: viola, violin
Jesse Wooten: guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


Black Balsam Austin, Texas

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