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if the world was really flat
if it really had an edge
we could pile in the car
we could drive out to the ledge
we could get out and we’d walk
till we’re standing at the rim
we’d crack some beers and crack some jokes
about if somebody fell in

we could sit down where we stood
with the cities at our backs
staking out the choicest real estate
of a view into the black
we are lost and losing track
of ourselves, the beers, the hours
legs dangling into nothingness
toes dipping into stars

if we chanced to skip some stones
just how many would it take
to redraw the constellations
with the ripples that we make
to create a different shape
one whose outline would suggest
a girl holding hands with a boy
at the edge of the world

if the night was made of water
if the moon was angled right
if we had the proper length of string
to lasso that thing tight
we could hoist ourselves up on the rope
and swing out off the rim
and splash into the darkness there
but what would we do then?

we’d swim


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Garrett Hellman: guitar
Jacquelyn Huntington: vocals
Josh Kimbrough: lead guitar
Zeke Krautwurst: drums
Casey Toll: bass
Jesse Wooten: vocals, synth



all rights reserved


Black Balsam Austin, Texas

black balsam:
arron casper
daniel dillon
luke kalloch
mateo mares
jesse wooten

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