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let this be a place you stay
in between your other destinations
i know that you’re on your way
to somewhere else still i think it’d be fine
to see again your pretty face
to hear your laugh, those blue eyes i dive into
so sit down please and allow me
to catch up before you race ahead again

if we chance to spill some wine
into ourselves and then we get to talking
if it drips down to our feet
we leave our seats and you and i go walking
simple streets we won’t get lost in
sunny skies painted pastel
i smell of sweat and smoke from austin
but you’re as cool as sweet as asheville

and we don’t have to meet our lips
and we don’t have to mold our hips
together if you tell me this
it’s nice to see you
it’s been a little while
it’s nice to see you
it’s been a little while
it’s nice to

when the wind is high and right
we take our kites to fields outside the city
i’ll let go when the string is tight
see if we can get this thing up off the ground
when night pulls down a curtain on the daytime
we head back to town, i hope you’ll stay i’m
missing you a lot these days
i don’t know what i’m doing in this town

and when september rolls around here
if your heart has had some bad luck
if a cure cannot be found here
maybe we can pack the car up
if i remember where your porch is
and if these wheels withstand the rattle
of a highway headed northwest
we’ll spend some time up in seattle

and bum around the small cafes
spend all we saved for rainy days
and try to find ourselves a place
where we’ll be happy
for just a little while
or maybe longer
than just a little while
it’s nice to

see you later see you there
i’ll see you later see you there

let this be a place you stay
between where you are and where it is you’re going
i promise you that it’s okay
to settle here if only like a feather
falling off an autumn breeze
before again that winter wind starts blowing
just let me be a friend in need
and need me now and then, forever


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Aisha Burns: violin
Skylar Gudasz: flute
Zeke Krautwurst: drums
Joon Shin: piano
Jesse Wooten: guitar, bass, vocals



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Black Balsam Austin, Texas

black balsam:
arron casper
daniel dillon
luke kalloch
mateo mares
jesse wooten

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