on a bus or a bike or however you like
let’s reset
back to that fixed point in space and on the clock face
where we first met
and i’ll wear my grey flannel shirt
you wear your scarf and that dress
and pretend all that’s happened to us
hasn’t happened yet

you may get startled being dragged
a couple wall calendars back
oh, are you dizzy yet?
don’t worry, girl, we’re just a block
away from our old coffee shop
so let’s visit it, oh they’re not closed yet
and i know that we cannot last
consuming pieces of the past like it’s food
but let’s try to make it through this song
oh you be strong and i’ll be strong for you

escape with me, come with me
achingly, hungrily
i’ve got some plans for us

take my hand and we will dance
into the sweetest second chance
oh we’re the lucky ones
and cosmic dust and star perfume
will trace our steps around the room
oh we’re burning suns we are
bright and young we are
and if the music isn’t in you
i’d rather kiss you behind the venue you must know
i know last time where we burnt out
so i charted a different route – let’s go.

escape with me, come with me
achingly, hungrily
i’ve got some plans for us
i plotted a course, i’m following stars
to where my path and yours melts into ours

would it help to say i’m sorry
that i wrote you into this story
and here’s the part where we
were scribbled in to kiss
you go like that i go like this and we go
but if by night we could decrypt
the light of stars and scratch the script
well maybe we could shine again
and i’d say it’s so nice to to meet you
and now you say, it’s so nice to meet you
oh it’s so nice to meet you for the very first time again


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Aisha Burns: violin
Skylar Gudasz: flute, vocals
Zeke Krautwurst: drums
Joon Shin: piano
Jesse Wooten: vocals, guitar, bass



all rights reserved


Black Balsam Austin, Texas

black balsam:
arron casper
daniel dillon
luke kalloch
mateo mares
jesse wooten

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