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you’ve got a great big heart
and i think we better cut it out
i’ve got a sharp sharp knife
and a surgeons eye for décor
i’ve got a big world atlas
but i haven’t got it figured out
i thought that we were going nowhere
but it seems we took a detour

so strap yourself in
and turn yourself on
i want to win
before the motivation’s gone

every single morning
make another suicide pact
and every afternoon
we think of how we will enact it
and every little evening
let’s stay focused don’t get sidetracked
until morning comes around
and it seems we got distracted

and covered in dew
and naked and cold
i turn to you
and you turn to gold.

another meteor shower
and i think the stars are on to me
because they keep on falling closer
and i’m just about to lose hope
and maybe it’s because
i flunked out of astronomy
or ‘cause i always put more faith
in the horo- than the tele-scope

you’ve got a great big heart.

they say the body is a bandage
used to stop the spirit bleeding
and i think i’m being candid
that it’s time we take the cast off
so take off all your clothes
‘cause where we’re going
you won’t need them
swallow the instructions
and prepare yourself for blast off

so strap yourself in
and turn yourself off
you can learn how to win
or you can learn how to love
i want to learn how to love
i want to learn how to love
i want to learn how to love
so let me learn how to


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Joshua Baker: lead guitar
Steven Decker: robot inspiration voice
Simon Friedlander: saxophone
Kellie Ann Grubbs: vocals
Zeke Krautwurst: drums
Jesse Wooten: vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, percussion



all rights reserved


Black Balsam Austin, Texas

black balsam:
arron casper
daniel dillon
luke kalloch
mateo mares
jesse wooten

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