write me a letter
give me something to read through
tell me you’re better
but lie if you need to
i haven’t heard good news for three or four weeks
send me a postcard
of somewhere you visit
tell me it’s lovely
well, how lovely is it?
how does the sunset color the beach?

tell me you miss me
wish you were with me
or closer, at least
and say it’s okay that we’re fuckups and freaks.

i can be strong whenever i choose to
i’ve got two hands and i might just use them
to get in the car and point the car east
six cups of coffee, and darling i’m trying
i let the stereo do most of the driving
i’m somewhere else, i’m with you i think

when you’re in the kitchen
listen for my engine
my hands at your door
tired and shaking, put them in yours.

if ever my voice sounds like there’s something it’s masking
it is a question that i’ll never ask you:
would you leave the east coast
and come back with me?
and leave all your bones at the beach to get buried
i’ll get a real job, and we can get married
and try to be happy on a teacher’s salary

the dog knocks over the trashcan
you dream of waves crashing
over bones buried deep
i pick it back up and you go back to sleep.
i’ll pick it back up and you go back to sleep
you know it’s okay that we’re fuckups and freaks
i’ll pick it back up and you go back to sleep
i’ll get in the car and i’ll point the car east
we’ll pick it back up and you go back to sleep


from See You Later See You There, released February 26, 2016
Bethany Bauman: vocals, glockenspiel
Aisha Burns: vocals, guitar
Kellie Ann Grubbs: vocals
Zeke Krautwurst: drums
David Moss: cello
Joon Shin: piano
Jesse Wooten: guitar, bass, vocals



all rights reserved


Black Balsam Austin, Texas

black balsam:
arron casper
daniel dillon
luke kalloch
mateo mares
jesse wooten

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